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Welcome to the English course wiki.

Together with a fellow student in your class you shall write a Computer and Internet related article such as ... You should also read and comment on others' work and improve both your own text and other texts.

You can find links to on how to write and edit in this wiki at the bottom of the page.

Here are guidelines to your task (ev. with due dates for various steps in the process).

  1. Select one of the topics from the list below. Mark your selection by writing your names within the paranthesis
  2. Create a new page and write your article. Insert a link from this page to your own article
  3. Review, comment and improve two other articles in your class
  4. Go back to your own article and check the changes and the comments. Improve your article

Mission and seminar Groups

Introduction Article:

  • Introduction to computers and the Internet, (...)

Main articles:

5. Components of a desktop computer, (...)
6. Describe how a HDD (hard disk drive), (​​...)
7. Describe how RAM works and what does the acronym RAM, (...)
8. Which OS (operating system), Microsoft has created, describe how they work, (...)
9. What is the latest Microsoft OS, which is the major difference between the old and the new system, (...)